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    Brings features from quality tools like CPD, Findbugs and PMD to Message Broker, improving code quality and helping to improve runtime performance and throughput.

    We provide specific violations that help produce more efficient message broker code with fewer defects, aiming to enforce best practices earlier and more often.

  • What We Do

    We provide plugins compatible with the SonarQubeTM platform that have been developed to assist the understanding of your ESQL and msgflow code for developing applications for Message Broker.

    This goes beyond metrics that developers in other languages might take for granted, such as lines of code and the number of code files and includes metrics useful to understanding Message Broker code. Such as the number of nodes, the number of queues written to and read from (among others).

    Standard support for Message Broker development includes:

    • syntax highlighting of esql key words

    Metrics that are provided include

    • number of lines of code
    • number of ESQL modules
    • number of total nodes
    • cyclomatic complexity of ESQL code
    • complexity of String manipulation
    • a breakdown of MQ, Http, SOAP and other nodes
    • usage specific performance sensitive nodes such as RCD

    We have also created rules and violations that help improve the codes performance and reduce the codes complexity.
    These include:

    • duplicated code (CPD)
    • unused variable and procedure detection in ESQL and in messsage flows
    • complicated condition detection
    • validating SQL against a database schema (when a user has been configured)
    • checking of queue definitions against configuration files
    • dead code detection
    • depth of logic
    • inappropriate parser selection
    • undefined queue usage
    • with more to come ….

    We also make use of the SonarQube standard code coverage plugin, that allows developers to improve code quality through test cases by allowing access to the same code coverage functionality that Cobertura and Jacoco provide to developers in other languages. Currently we support coverage of ESQL, XSL and Message Flows.

    What this means to businesses that make use of our plugins is that you get:

    • Cleaner code
    • Less code
    • More efficient code
    • More correct code

    Plus the benefit of allowing developers to be able to view and drill down into all your code via SONAR. Order by file size or number of nodes, number of violations or by code duplication.

    All this means, in the long term, cheaper code, that’s easier to understand, maintain and gets you a faster time to market.