What we do for Datapower developers

We provide plugins compatible with the SonarQubeTM platform that have been developed to assist the understanding of your Datapower code.

Support for Datapower includes rules and violations that help improve the codes correctness and help improve performance. These include:

  • checking for root node navigation ie the “//” path in XSL
  • <xsl:message> terminating in production code
  • correct DP log categories
  • reading and writing MQ settings
  • MQ queues used checked against MQ configuration files
  • reading and writing valid DP variables (not writing to read only ones for example)
  • valid DP extensions used
  • <xsl:variable> declaration and usage (undefined variables and dead code checking)
  • with more to come ….

What this means to businesses that make use of our plugins is that you get:

  • Cleaner code
  • More correct code
  • More efficient code

Plus the benefit of allowing developers to be able to view and drill down into all your code via SONAR.

All this means, in the long term, cheaper code, that’s easier to understand, maintain and gets you a faster time to market.