Message Broker/IIB Toolkit integration with Sonarqube

Setting up Sonar Eclipse plugin

The following is an example of how you can integrate Sonarqube code quality into your developers WMB/IIB Toolkit environment.

This allows developers to remain inside the toolkit and check their code quality without needing to check the code in or wait for a quality build to be run.

There is some additional background information here:

Add the following site to your Eclipse available sites the “Sonarqube Integration for Eclipse”
Once you have restarted IIB Toolkit, you will be able to configure a project to be analysed.
Make sure that Sonarqube 5.1 is running and that the MB-Precise plugin in installed.

If you are unable to access the download link from inside your organisation, you can also download a zip of the plugin from here.

Enable Sonarqube for your WMB/IIB project
Click the top project and right click, select “Configure” menu, then select “Associate with Sonar Project”.When the box comes up enter the name of your existing Sonar project

Select the project that you wish an analyze, right click on the “Sonar” menu and select the “Analyze” option.

Once the analysis has finished you can see the errors and warnings on the “Sonarqube Issues” tab (as seen on the screenshot on the right).

Selecting a file lets you drill down to all the issues on a file by file basis all from with the toolkit.

Associate with Project

Errors and warnings

More information is available from here:

There is a more active plugin called SonarLint:

SonarLint currently only recognizes Java projects, so it is not available for use by WMB/IIB developer and teams as yet.


IIB Toolkit version
Currently only version 3.5 of the Sonar Eclipse plugin is compatible with the IIB Toolkit, and only with IIB 10.

Sonarqube versions
The Sonar Eclipse 3.5 plugin will only run for Sonarqube versions from 4.5 to  5.1, 5.4, 5.6 and 6.2. Not the most recent releases (7 and 8).
For running version 6.2, you must select “Force full preview instead of incremental analysis”.