March 2022

We are currently working on a beta version of a Sonarqube plugin that supports TCL code/iRules. You can find more details here.

August 2021

We have recently updated our plugin to support Sonarqube 9.0.

August 2021

We have recently updated our plugin to support test coverage for ACE using both “tracing” and “instrumentation”.

February 2021

We have recently launched a new product to help teams with their website security and managing their brand.
For more details can be found on our website or at our beta site –

November 2018

This week we will be manning a stand at IBM TechU Bali 2018. So if you are in the area please drop by and say hello.

August 2018

This week we have been running some presentations on how test WMB / IIB message flows using a service virtualization (WireMock). The presentation is available as a video.

July 2018

We have setup an environment in the cloud that allows people to see our MB-Precise plugin in action.
It allows you to browse a few sample WMB / IIB projects in Sonarqube.

The Sonarqube dashboard is available here.

It has 3 projects.

The first project – Unit_TestingExample covers basic test coverage for IIB / WMB. The generated diagrams are also available on the cloud and can be browsed here.

The second project – ExampleMessageSplitter_Flows are some generic examples of an IIB / WMB code. The diagrams are available here.

The third project – MB_Samples – is just a different set of IIB / WMB code. The diagrams are available here.

February 2018

Just put together some use cases for Sonarqube that might be interesting for people looking for an overall understanding of our the different components work together in a CI/CD workflow – CI/CD overview.

December 2017

After some feedback on how challenging it is to capture test coverage using the instrumentation process, we have been added support to be able to produce test coverage reports using the WMB/IIB tracing facility.
It is based on the same process that was developed as an IBM support PAC (IAM2). In this case we are using Java (not Perl) and our target is Sonarqube (so the standard/generic Sonarqube coverage report format).

You can find out more information on how to run the process and an example ANT script here.

November 2017

We have added a lot of rules in the XSL/DP space recently.
For a complete list of the rules please follow this link

August 2017

We have been working on our generated diagrams to make them more interactive for users so that rather then being static, users are much more able to interact.

July 2017

We have recently included “Technical Debt” for our WMB, DP and SI rules. You can find a summary of the debt for each rule here, or on our download page.

February 2017

We will demonstrating our software at Interconnect 2017 this year, please come by and say hello. We will be in booth 269 at the Mandalay.

3rd October 2016

Released a Sonarqube 6.0 compatible version of MB-Precise.

Sonarqube 6.0 features include

  • runs exclusively under Java 8, so it runs a lot quicker
  • issues are now highlighted more specifically. We can now highlight an issue not only by the line number but also by the exact line of code that the issue is referring to.

More information can be found at :
Sonarqube 6.0 in screen shots

Please see our download pages for the new Sonarqube 6.0 trial version.

8th August 2016

Added support for Java code coverage reporting from JavaCompute nodes.

19th July 2016

Added support for XSL code coverage reporting from XSLTransform nodes.

22nd January 2016

Upgraded MB-Precise plugin to be compatible with SonarQube-5.3

16th January 2016

Happy new year to all. While we’ve all had some much needed downtime over Christmas, we have been finishing the first release of new code coverage tools for Message Broker.
At the moment it only covers ESQL, but in later releases we are looking to include functionality to msgflow, XSL and mapping file logic as well.

29th September 2015

Our generated diagrams now contain markers to indicate where flows in a project make use of queues, file or publish or consume SOAP/HTTP requests.

27th July 2015

We have added some new functionality to the SQL that is reported in the architectural overview. The SQL that is invoked as part of a “map” is now extracted out and displayed.
This also means that we can now check the table and index definitions of SQL queries run from “map” files against the database connection (if it has been configured).
We also now include “map” files when checking for dead code in ESQL.

11th April 2015

We have added Datapower XSL support to our Message Broker plugin. We are now able to include checking of Datapower functions, variables and best practices as part of the continuous code inspection process.
Please use the “Contact” page for more information or to arrange a trial.

3rd February 2015

We have just completed our initial release of S-Precise for SAS. Please use the “Contact” page for more information or to arrange a trial.
We will be releasing a manual in the next few days and it will be available from the downloads page.


20th January 2015

We will be having demonstrations and information available about our products at our booth at CEBIT, so please drop by and say hello if you are attending this year in Sydney. Our stand is P13 and you can get a complimentary pass using promo code bettdv.

10th January 2015

Happy new year to all. We are just putting the finishing touches on the first release of our S-Precise plugin for SAS developers.
So watch this space.

11th November 2014

Released a new version with the 100th rule implemented.
The new rules relate to
- cache setting on XSL transform nodes
- detecting infinite waits on MQGet nodes

11th September 2014

Manual completed and available for download from the downloads page.

Download manual


6th July 2014

Automatic creation of a listing of common procedures and functions. These are accessible as a tab within the generated documentation.

26th May 2014

Release of automatic diagramming tools.

9th April 2014

Uploaded webinar/video on how to use MB-Precise in a CI environment to help improve code quality

23rd January 2014

v1.12 of MB-Precise. New rules implemented for check dead code/unreachable code whether it be ESQL, a subflow or a node in a message flow that isn’t connected.
Rules for checking that SELECT statements only fetch the required fields. Improvements in code complexity checking.
Added examples to the downloads to show by example how to run the plugin via SONAR runner.

4th December 2013

v1.1 of MB-Precise released. New rules around matching Node names to the node description and check for documentation on message flows based on Notes. Also, we have improved the number of false positives that have been reported for unused variables and methods following some valuable feed back from clients.

5th November 2013

v1.0.6 of MB-Precise released that calculates the cyclomatic complexity for each ESQL file and creates violations once a threshold is reached – much like PMD does for java code. The complexity score allows for ranking the ESQL files in the project by complexity.

20th October 2013

v1.0.4 of MB-Precise released with checking Environment usage and security checks around authentication of Webservices/SOAP/HTTP requests.

7th October 2013

v1.0.3 of MB-Precise released with checking for nested ATOMIC sections (helps with deadlock prevention).

26th September 2013

v1.0.2 of MB-Precise released with dead/unreachable code detection for ESQL code.

14th September 2013

v1.0.1 of MB-Precise released with new checks for excessive Message Tree navigation.

15th July 2013

We are pleased to announce the release of v1.0 of MB-Precise.