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BCT Checker is a tool for improve the security for your website users

There are a number of excellent tools in the market and an entire Cyber Security industry to help protect your website.
Hackers and Cyber security experts are in a constant battle to find and protect a site and a system from vulnerabilities or in the case hackers to find and exploit a systems vulnerabilities.

But no matter how thorough and technically skilled your Cyber Security experts are, users still present a very significant security risk.

What BCTChecker does is it help you and your organization to get a head of website spoofers.

We proactively search out sites that to a unknowing user look like your site but are not.
This means that we can work with your team to develop a strategy to handle these risks to your user base. Whether it is increasing user awareness of the nefarious site or requesting that the site be taken down.

The first step is registering and adding your domain.

After you add your domain, we start scanning for sites that can spoof your users.

Provides a summary of your sites
Site summary

The tool provides you a summary of the sites details.

Site summary
Website summary

You can delve deeper into the site to help you determine if it presents a risk to either you and your customers a being a likely spoof site, or if it a site that could help either undermine your business, such as a the domain redirects to a pornographic site, site for unrelated or a competitors products and services.

Detailed of a specific site identified
Website details

The tool provides a workflow that allows the user to disregard any sites that are legitametly different, accept sites that are known to belong to the organization and then highlight sites that are potentially risky or that are deemed to be spoofing.


Helping to protect your online brand will increase your customers satisfaction and help prevent customer loss.

Running the automated scanning process also means that the tool can help with your overall website/domain inventory management to help ensure that domains for your business direct traffic to your sites.

Behind the scenes we capture data relating to spoofing and phishing exercises allowing us to augment data relating suspicious servers, IP addresses and certificates with the scans results that are available to your team through our tool.

Pricing for this service starts at $500 US per year and there are discounts for multiple sites or for hosting providers.

The following PDF provides a summary of the benefits of BCTChcker.

It also available as a powerpoint.

For a free trial please register on our beta website – https://dev.bctchecker.com or reach out to me at Richard@bettercodingtools.com for more details or a demonstration.