TCL/iRule rules


* more details available from following the link

TCL1 Your licence has expired (TCL)
TCL2 There was an internal error while running the plugin (TCL)
TCL3 The variable is never used (TCL)
TCL4* The procedure is never called or referenced (TCL)
TCL5 The line contains commented out code (TCL)
TCL6 The line contains a commented out TODO (TCL)
TCL7 File is empty (TCL)
TCL8 File header is missing company details (TCL)
TCL9 Expressions should be braced to prevent commands from being injected (TCL)
TCL10 Keywords should be in lowercase (TCL)
TCL11 Use a narrow select where possible to reduce database load and resources (TCL)
TCL12 Multiple statements found on the same line (TCL)
TCL13 Deprecated command used (TCL)
TCL14 Duplicate procedure name declared (TCL)
TCL15 Procedure name is longer then threshold (TCL)
TCL16 Database is accessed but we cannot check the logic as no readonly account assigned to sonar (TCL)
TCL17 A table has been referenced in the code that cannot be found in the DB Schema (TCL)
TCL18 A column has been referenced in the code that cannot be found in the DB Schema (TCL)
TCL19 A column has not been indexed (TCL)
TCL20 The cyclometric complexity is higher then the threshold (TCL)
TCL21 The procedure length is longer then the threshold (TCL)
TCL22 A WHILE loop has been found but the loop condition may not change in the loop. May be an infinite loop (TCL)
TCL23 Code following return statement may not be reachable (TCL)
TCL24 The line is long and may be hard to read (TCL)
TCL25 Switch statement with no default (TCL)
TCL26 Switch statement with single condition could be an if statement (TCL)
TCL27 Switch statements should always include the ‘–’ argument before the string. (TCL)